What's New? - Sin Denim
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What’s New?

Kinetic Jeans

Sin denim with its latest innovation ‘Kinetic Jeans’ has given you the license to be Super active and Sporty. The Jeans provide you unbelievable stretch and comfort. The 360° elasticity of the product offers an innovative three-dimensional flexibility, The recovery power, featured due to the fabric composition, ensures a perfect multidirectional fit which lasts over time.
Product Features:
• 360° elasticity
• Shape Recovery Fabric
• Perfect Multidirectional Fit

Reflexxx Jeans

Sin denim believes to go beyond, because staying limitless is the way of life for the current generation. Our latest product ‘Reflexxx Jeans’ is a portrayal of this attitude. Reflexxx Jeans with its Pro-stretch feature enables you with incredible stretch and comfort. Whatever may be your body type the innovative stretch ensure perfect fit to give you tremendous confidence to be the limitless you.
Product Features:
• Pro-Stretch
• Shape Recovery Fabric
• Perfect Fit for any body type.

‘Zero Jeans’

Zero Denim is an innovation offered by Sin brand to make the world a better place to live by reducing the usage of toxic chemicals, lesser energy and water consumption in the making of the denim. While washing the denim, the machine consumes less water using E flow, Ozone & Laser treatment in the process. Very few laundries are equipped with such innovative environment friendly technology in India. Zero Denim is an innovation which Sin Denim has launched to support the cause of Environmental sustainability. Normal denim takes 120 litre of water to wash whereas for zero denim less than 20 litre of water is required.
Product Features:
• Upto 90% water is saved while washing Zero Jeans.
• Zero harmful chemical used to produce denim.
• 30% less energy saved then conventional denim.

Stubborn Black Jeans

Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your
methods just like Sin denims, Stubborn with its colour yet
flexible in nature. Be it a boring work day or a night out
with friends, black never goes out of style. Stubborn black
is your new BFF which will last with you through it all.
Product Features:
• Jet Black Denim which doesn’t fade after 20 washes.
• Excellent Light And Wash Fastness.
• Inbuilt Anti Dusting Property.
• Fastness To Perspiration.
• Doesn’t Leave Any Stain On Other Garment.